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In order to encourage uptake of climate – smart agriculture throughout the coffee value chain, we provide tailored services, co – investment opportunities and different scales of analysis and practical expertise in three thematic areas: Climate Risk AnalysisClimate- Smart Agriculture (CSA) Implementation Supportand Testing & Research

Climate Risk Analysis: 

  • Asses climate risk exposure by company, country, landscape or group of farmers

  • Produce a landscape – level overview of current land uses, deforestation patters, environmental and social risks.

  • Analyze climate – specific vulnerability of farmers, identifying farmers who are in greatest need of adaptation support

Field Implementation:

  • Train extension agents and community leaders on landscape-level climate-smart practices

  • Train extension agents in farm-level climate adaptation practices and help them identify climate adaptation practices that are appropriate for their context

Testing and Research:

  • Test coffee varieties and climate-smart agriculture practices in combination

  • Test experimental climate adaptation practices

  • Research and analyze farmer segments within a supply chain, designing packages of climate-smart practices appropriate for each segment 

Because it is not easy to differentiate the value and impact of the different climate change adaptation approaches on the market, we’ve consolidated the most promising solutions and tools into four Supply Chain Packages (Link to Packages). They are not only tailored to the needs of your business, but also to the needs of farmers in the region where you are sourcing coffee from. 


The packages reflect the zoom in approach of the consortium, starting with a global context overview and ending with on-farm intervention. They are created to prepare your coffee operations for the impacts of climate change, adapted to the situation, needs and budget of your company. 

Take advantage of the opportunities ARC offers to the industry. It’s time for coffee to get climate smart. Get to know more about how we can work together. 

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